tiistai 10. tammikuuta 2012

Christmas presents. part 1

model: my own
yarn: Drops Fabel, colorway 105
yardage: 70g
needles: 2,25
size: 38

Buttons and Cables
model: i. Nappivarsisukat from Novita sukkalehti
yarn: Novita 7 veljestä
yardage: less than 150g
needles: 3,5
size: 41
buttons from Eurokangas

Pieni, lämmin, hellä
model: Something Lacy Shrug by Vera Sanon
yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers
yardage: 100g
needles: 4,0
size: M

This Christmas I try to make something to everyone by myself. I almost succeeded to do that. Some plans I needed to throw to trashcan because of lack of time. Luckily you can always remember your friends. It doesn't need to be Christmas! (Everybody should remember that.) So I can knit those plans later.

But now I will tell you about those ones I made. The first socks went to my little sister. She asked already earlier if I could knit her turquoise sleeping socks. I mumbled something. I'm not big fan of order knitting. Especially when my sister asks. She is little bit impatient to get the result. So I decided that I would knit the socks for Christmas. I managed to do it! Yey! These are so basic socks that could be. Picot edging is little bit girly and the rest of the socks are stockinette. I made Dutch heel and wedge toe. These are pretty but knitting was supersupersuper boring!

The second socks went to friend of mine. S is friend from my childhood and my godson's mother. She is artist and wears artistic. I read the sock magazine from Novita and see these socks. I immediately thought S when I saw these. Yarn is from my stash and I don't know colour numbers. 7 veljestä is nice basic yarn, I think. I don't have anything special to say. I think these are nice and S liked these too.

The last one is my favourite. I made that little shrug to my friend E. She is so lovely person and I love her! She chose the colour herself in a yarn shop. I said only from what she could chose. She took this nice purple which was not my first choice. I has thought some nice gray or brown. But the result is very nice! I LOVE this lace. It's easy to remember and so simple and nice. I'm thinking to make one to myself too! IinaKraak recommends.

Ps. Only this time in English. This is my school assignment.